Member Benefits

New Member Discount - $5 Off - Any purchase for new member sign up

Wisdom Discount - 10% off - Customers 60+

Student Discount - 10% off - College students with proof of current enrollment

Veteran Discount - 10% off - All veterans with a valid Veteran’s ID or a DD214 form/card.

Daily Deal Discounts

Daily Deal Discounts apply to only what the deal of the day is. Member discounts are able to be combined with the daily deal with a maximum of 20% off on the entire purchase with the exception of flower at 25% off.

List of Daily Deals Below

Ounce and Half-Ounce Discounts

  • Ounce Discount - 25% off any 8 eighth jars

  • Half-Ounce Discount - 15% off any 4 eighth jars.

State Medical Marijuana Card Tax Discounts

Tax discounts apply ONLY to customers who have their medical recommendation through the county and/or state. They are only exempt to the CA State sales tax of 9.25%. Being that it is a tax exemption, the breakdown of the discount will not be broken down on the receipt.

Loyalty Points

Loyalty points are acquired over time. Every time a purchase is made, the customer will receive loyalty points. One point is earned for every dollar spent. After 250 points are acquired, $5 dollars will be credited to the member’s account. Loyalty credits can be used on any purchase and applied to final sales amount (not including tax)* with or with out a discount.

*Discounts cannot exceed 20% with the exception of flower when buying an Ounce or Half-Ounce Discount. All Discounts are subject to change at any time. Loyalty credits cannot be applied to sales tax.