13 Deals of Halloweed

HalloWeed Deals will begin this SATURDAY, the 19th! All these deals will start on their stated day and will continue while supplies last!

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Buy a Heavy Hitters cartridge and get a HH Battery for free!


Buy any Breez product and get 50mg(5 mini packs) for $2.00!

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Buy a Dixie drink and get a free Arizona Iced Tea from the Dixie rep that will be onsite!

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Buy any Cresco product and get the second Cresco 50% off!



Buy an 2 pre-rolls and get Seven Leaves pre-roll for $1.00!

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Buy ANY product with a 1:1 ratio and get a pack of Dr. Raw 1:1 Lozenges for $1.00!

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Buy one Eel River cartridge and get a second one at 50% off!



Buy a Himalaya cartridge and get a second Himalaya cart. at 50% off!



Buy a Sunflower Botanical product and get another one at 50% off!



Buy one Moon bar and get a second Moon bar at 50% off!

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Buy one Kushy Punch and get a second Kushy Punch at 50% off!




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Buy a Coda bar and get a second Coda bar at 50% off!


Founded in 2015 by two of Humboldt count’s own, UpNorth is a nonprofit collective on a mission to provide patients greater access to premiere craft cannabis products. Set deep within the famed Emerald Triangle - nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Trinity Alps in the last stronghold of northern California’s Redwood forest - they rep the best cannabis products anywhere on the planet. Up North Farms works with farms that utilize indoor and outdoor growing methods.

Along with top quality flower, Up North works with farms that strive for environmentally conscious and sustainable cultivation practices. We currently have a few of their strains on our shelf and you can see prices and details right here!

Kushy Punch

Kushy Punch is one of Southern California’s iconic and award-winning edible brands. Best known for its line of top-selling full spectrum gummies, Kushy Punch has built it’s reputation on delivering a consistent, full body experience for patients and recreational consumers across California.

Their story begins in 2014, when KushyPunch’s founder and CEO Ruben Cross decided to pivot away from cultivation and towards building a lasting, trusted brand that could meet the needs of the fast-growing cannabis community and beyond.

“We started thinking about the healthiest ways that we could get people their favorite products,” explains Ruben. “We needed something small, easy to consume with low calories and low sugar. But we understood that consistency was of paramount importance, particularly as the industry was poised to come above ground and become mainstream.” 

Frustrated by a widespread absence of standardized dosing, or healthy edible options available at dispensaries, Ruben developed KushyPunch’s classic organic, non-GMO full spectrum gummy. Driving the pursuit for wellness with FDA-standards of development and compliance, our gummy delivered the much-needed consistency that was famously lacking in the wild west days of pre-recreational cannabis in our home state of California. 

Since then, we have continued to elevate our standards in the lab and on the shelves, investing in the highest quality oil, natural ingredients, compliant packaging and manufacturing facilities as we strive to deliver the best, most reliable experience to our customers. Today, as the cannabis sector expands at a dizzying rate, KushyPunch and KushyCBD remain widely recognized amungst the most pioneering and enduring brands in the industry. 

With each passing year we see yet more evidence emerge enforcing cannabis’ position at the forefront of a disruption to the pharmaceutical industry, and we will continue to increase our standards, spearhead innovation, and deliver wellbeing and relief to all those that seek it.

Originally published on kushypunch.com

Suprize Suprize

“Suprize Suprize” is Royal Key Organic’s collaboration line. They typically use only their personally grown flowers to produce Royal Key concentrates but now they have expanded to collaborate with others to create this beautiful yet flavorful line.

Each concentrate comes with its own art by Mason Brown. Mason Brown is known for the artwork brand Church of Clocky. You can checkout his work on his instagram here. The artwork that comes with each concentrate is a hat pin and a story about the collaborators. We must remember that these extracts are a craft done by the hands of a few who have been doing this for years with the best picked, meticulously-grown flower.

You can get your hands on this line here at Monterey Bay Alternative Medicine. Come on the right day, like Terpy Tuesday, and you’ll get a nice discount on it. Head to our Weedmaps Menu for all the info on prices.

Talking Trees Farms

Talking Trees Farms is a sustainably focused brand that produces single source cannabis and cannabis products from their permitted farms in Humboldt County, CA. Talking Trees cultivates using only organic methods and inputs and never use chemical pesticides. They guarantee clean, safe cannabis. This is why they were able to take home 3rd place in best hybrid flower at the Central Valley High Times Cannabis Cup this year. They also received 2nd place in best hybrid concentrates for their amazing Pink Lemonade live resin.

Photo credit: @talkingtrees_grow

Photo credit: @talkingtrees_grow

The farms grow using mostly rain catchment stored water and permitted wells; not draining any water from their natural streams, creeks or rivers. A truly sustainable practice.