Security Is Your Friends

By Jack Sterling (Head Security Manager)

When visiting Monterey Bay Alternative Medicine, we strive to provide the best possible products, the best possible customer service and, above all, we strive to provide a safe and pleasant environment for the enjoyment and benefit of all customers, employees, vendors and anyone who pays our facility a visit. In order to provide this safe environment here at MBAM we have our wonderful security team. Our security team is not meant to harm, interfere or scare any visitor, in fact it is just the opposite. Security is here to make sure we are legally compliant in letting in people of the right age, making sure no weapons or other contraband make its way inside and, above all else, assist our guests in making their visit as pleasant as possible. Some examples of assistance that Security can provide are helping our less than mobile guests, escorting visitors to their vehicles, carrying heavier objects and anything else you should require help with. We ask that on your visit you have a valid up to date State ID or Driver's License and/or a recommendation, should you need one. Be prepared to present these documents to the officer at the awning. After your documents are checked and verified, you may be wanded down by the second officer, so be sure to have all metal objects within easy access. Should you encounter a member of local law enforcement during your visit please keep in mind that in order to facilitate both a safe environment and guarantee a thriving relationship with the local community, our security team works very closely with law enforcement, and as such they often stop by to say hello and check in with us on a daily basis. We of the security team thank you for choosing MBAM and we look forward to your continued visits and getting to know the people we serve on the daily.