You’re likely aware of the cannabinoid THC, which produces a psychoactive effect when smoked, vaped or ingested via an edible or tincture. But what about THCA? If you purchase tinctures, you may have noticed some on our shelves that include THCA but not THC. These tinctures are still considered non-psychoactive because THCA is the non-activated form of THC. That means the cannabis in the tincture has not been heated in order to remove the acidic compound, thus making the cannabinoid psychoactive.

THCA has some wonderful therapeutic benefits such as being a neuroprotectant, reducing pain and inflammation, inhibiting cancerous cell growth, and reducing nausea. For some people, using a tincture that combines THCA with CBD can be even more effective in treating their pain than the more commonly combined CBD/THC. MBAM currently carries tinctures that contain THCA, as a single ingredient as well as in combination with either CBDA or CBD. Be sure to ask about these tinctures on your next visit to MBAM.

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