Suprize Suprize

“Suprize Suprize” is Royal Key Organic’s collaboration line. They typically use only their personally grown flowers to produce Royal Key concentrates but now they have expanded to collaborate with others to create this beautiful yet flavorful line.

Each concentrate comes with its own art by Mason Brown. Mason Brown is known for the artwork brand Church of Clocky. You can checkout his work on his instagram here. The artwork that comes with each concentrate is a hat pin and a story about the collaborators. We must remember that these extracts are a craft done by the hands of a few who have been doing this for years with the best picked, meticulously-grown flower.

You can get your hands on this line here at Monterey Bay Alternative Medicine. Come on the right day, like Terpy Tuesday, and you’ll get a nice discount on it. Head to our Weedmaps Menu for all the info on prices.