Meet The Staff

katie crisco ID Badge.jpg



What is your favorite way to ingest cannabis?

“I used to really enjoy flower but now I’m much more of a dabber.”

Currently, what is your favorite product?

“Right now I’m enjoying the Beezle product, especially the budder.”

What is your favorite strain right now?

“Natty Bumpo from Rebel Grown. I like it because it keeps me in a relaxed state without making me tired or too relaxed. It’s mellow but motivating.”

Sativa or indica?

Sativa for sure. I like being functional while I’m high.

What made you want to be a part of the cannabis industry?

“Personally, I’m a cancer survivor so i’m all about medicine. I found that joining the industry allows me to help provide alternative medicine. I love seeing what it does for people. Especially seeing someone struggle upon arrival and then seeing them again feeling much better because of their previous visit. It’s a great feeling.”