Cali Roots 2019

Cali Roots Is Just Around The Corner!

Why you should prepare:

  1. We’ll be offering AMAZING DEALS the week leading up to Cali Roots!

    • Because we’d LOVE to pass the joint to you! And lets face it, reggae is incomplete without ganja.

  2. Avoid the commotion!

    • Since the popularity of the festival has grown, the amount of traffic and time waiting in lines has increased as well. Make sure you’re not missing out on the show!

May is Mental Health Awareness Month


1 in 5 Adults Suffer from Mental Illness Annually.

For more statistics on mental illness, visit The National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Are you taking the necessary time to keep up your mental health?

Coping with mental illness is one thing, but what if you could prevent illness from the start? Some ways of keeping up on your own mental wellness are:

  1. Make sure you are getting a full nights rest

    • Many Americans don’t sleep through the night which can directly affect your wellness. Ask your bud-tender which products can help you get the rest you need.

  2. Physical Exercise

    • Low-Intensity exercise is the best for mental wellness because it builds new neurotrophic connections, this can improve brain function. Medicated soaks and balms will help relax your muscles afterwards!

  3. Diet

    • Serration (a neurotransmitter) helps regulate sleep and appetite, it also helps facilitate emotions and inhibit pain. Since 95% of serration is produced in the gastrointestinal tract, it is important to keep processed foods out and nutrient rich foods in. Try implementing fermented foods such as kimchi, pickles, kombucha, or miso into your diet. These foods are low in sugars and high in “good” bacteria for your tummy.

Dr. Raw Organics




Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free

Made with highly distilled, pesticide-free oils leaving a nearly clear, tasteless tincture. Dr. Raw is the perfect product for micro-dosing on the go without all the sugar and calories. All their products are made 100% vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO. They produce more than just tinctures. They produce full spectrum gluten-free, Non-GMO, Vegan cannabis infused gummies, as well as full spectrum topical balms. They are great for on the go use or downtime use as well. Visit their website here.


bri meet the staffe.jpeg

Who is Bri?

She is another one of our incredible front desk ladies. Bri arrives to work every day with a positive attitude and knows how to make everyone's day better by being our best listener and resident ray of sunshine.

Making her move from New Orleans in 2004, Bri has been a local to the Monterey Peninsula for over twelve years. She has proven to know the in's and out's of our coastal neighborhood. Need a good local restaurant recommendation? Coffeeshop? Smoke spot? She's your girl.

Favorite MBAM Products

Although Bri is not an avid cannabis user, she has been our go-to for recommendations on our micro-dose tinctures and edibles. Some of her favorite products include the Jade Nectar 20:1 tincture, the Heavy Hitter's AC/DC 1:1 disposable, and the Breez 1:1 mints. "They help with my anxiety," she explains. "I don't really feel a high, definitely a euphoria, but they [the products] all help with my stress. And the Breeze mints put me to sleep!" Although she may prefer to be reading a book in the sunshine of the forest, we love when she's gracing us with her presence at MBAM the most.