Where We Started

On April 20, 2015 , Monterey Bay Alternative Medicine opened it’s doors to

medical patients offering a whole new route towards compassionate care. Offering

one-on-one consultations upon walk-in, patients were able to confide in our educated

and trained staff to find the best option available. The area’s first dispensary finally

brought affordable relief to people suffering from a wide variety of ailments including

Parkinson’s, Epilepsy, and even Arthritis. MBAM introduced programs such as the

Compassionate Care for low income patients and daily discounts to help alleviate cost

for care. We are proud to have upheld those same standards through legalization. If

you’re looking for accurate, kind and consistent care, MBAM is the place for you!

Medical Marijuana: Monterey Bay Alternative Medicine founders Bob & Lonna Blodgett speak at the Del Rey Oaks dispensary @montereyherald By: David Royal - David Royal is a photojournalist with the Monterey County Herald. Published on: April 16, 2016 Source: http://www.tout.com/m/y1eh38